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What is The Cost of Home Renovation?

In this blog, I am going to speak about the most important factor, that is cost of home renovation.

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The biggest question when people are looking for home renovation is this.

What is the cost of Home Renovation?

Cost of Home Renovation is the sum of cost of individual services of renovation required to renovate the home.

Bathroom Renovation Cost will be 1,50,000/-. This includes complete tiles removal, sanitary accessories removal and replacement, electrical and plumbing connection renovation. We use these brands of sanitary fittings and plumbing fittings – Hindware, Jaquar, Cera and Parryware. The complimentary accessories like towel rod, soap holder and shampoo holder too is included.

What is not included – PVC Ceiling and Glass Shower Partition. This will cost again as per the square foot. We use Saint Gobain products here.

The cost of floor renovation will be totally based on the area of the floor you are looking to renovate and the material you want. If you want a tiles floor or granite floor. Cost totally depends on that.’

If you are looking for tiles – the cost per square feet is Rs.220/-. If your apartment has a floor area of 1,500 sqft. Then the cost is 1500 X 220 = 3,30,000/-. This is an inclusive cost of breaking and demolition existing floor tiles or granite, breaking of existing cement bed beneath the tiles or granite, shifting of debris, preparation of new tiles bed and cement bed, laying of new tiles and grouting. We use the brand Kajaria for tiles.

Cost of Kitchen Renovation.

Kitchen renovation includes breaking and demotion of existing kitchen cabinets, the walls supporting the granite if you do not want it, creation of utility area or merging the utility area to the kitchen. Creation of space for dishwashers or other kitchen appliances and complete modular kitchen design.

Interior Renovation

This is about renovating your existing wardrobes or tv unit or any other interior design unit that you are looking for renovation. The cost of which is based on square foot.

Home Improvement.

This is the last step in the renovation process. Once the civil work and interior work is all set, the final touch is given in Home Improvement services such as painting, adding decor elements such as partitions or false ceiling, taking care of the lighting and other beautification services. The cost of these are either based on square feet or the quantity of it.

So, this is about the cost of home renovation in brief.

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