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Planning to renovate your old home.? Eager to give new look to your home floors, walls, interiors & bathrooms.? 

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Experts in Home Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, Remodeling, Floor Renovation, Interior Renovation, Painting, Home Improvement & all types of Interior & Civil Renovation Services, Structural Renovation, Home Modernization in Bangalore. 

We are the only company in Bangalore providing End to End Home Renovation Services. 

Our recent home renovation projects completed in Electronic City, JP Nagar, Kanakapura Road, Gottigere, HRBR Layout, Banashankari, Bommanahalli Bangalore. old



Complete Civil Renovations in Bangalore
Home Renovation in Bangalore

Revive Home Ambiance

Beautiful Homes have Beautiful Ambiance. Home Renovation restores the ambiance and gives a fresh look to your home. It is also a great chance to repair & replace the wear & tear occurred with time, change the wall colors, replace the fixed & standalone furniture, change the arrangement of interior space planning and restyle your home. 

Flicha Interiors provides end to end home renovation services from civil work, interior work, renovation & remodeling. 

Full Home Renovations

Restore afresh look to your home, perhaps remove a wall to enlarge the space, change the tiles of the floor, get wooden flooring, change the kitchen slabs & interiors, change the wardrobe etc. 

Get Complete Home Renovation in Bangalore.

Kitchen Renovation in Bangalore

Renovating your existing home is a much affordable option than buying a new one. Kitchen Renovation comes as a first priority because that’s where the activities of a home revolve. 

Get your old kitchen renovated to new.

Bathroom Renovation in Bangalore

After many years, you might feel the existing bathroom should get replacement of floor tiles, wall tiles, shower accessories, sanitary ware etc. Get your bathroom renovated flawlessly by us.

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Take a look at our Old Home Renovation Projects in Bangalore. That Majorly involved renovation of 40 Years Old Home, Complete Renovation of 37 Years Old G+1 Load Bearing Home. 

We are the Experts for Old Home Renovation in Bangalore. 

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End to End Renovation

Worried about finding different contractors for different job of your home renovation.? Problem solved. Flicha Interiors is one-stop solution for complete home renovation under one roof.


Home renovation services undertaken by Flicha Interiors, Bangalore is covered under standard warranty of 10 years. Hence, retaining the trust of our valuable clients since 2014.

Expert in the field

Flicha Interiors, the home renovation expert in Bangalore is well equipped with skilled team, resourceful supply chain & a rich experience of 6 years in home renovations will be your perfect decision to renovate your home.

37 Years Old G+1 Load Bearing Home Renovation in Bangalore
Structural Renovation for Old Home Renovation in Bangalore

To correct Vaasthu and to remodel your home to new one, home renovation is the best available option.

Premium Home Renovations in Bangalore
Minimalistic Renovation in Bangalore

Vaasthu Consultation

Vaasthu, it is the means of utilizing the 5 elements to the utmost benefit of human kind, by capturing them in the construction of “The Abode”. 

Home is both internal and external. Since, the modern lifestyle is about staying in apartment flats and closely constructed houses in cities, Interior Planning made by using The Science of Vaasthu begets Peace and Prosperity to the residents of the house and fills the house with Wealth and Happiness. 

Placement of Stove & Sink

Placing Stove to the East Wall in the South East corner of the house is ideal. The second best option is placement of stove to the West Wall of North West corner. Make sure, both the stove and the kitchen do not come on the same counter. 

Placement of Wardrobes

The ideal corner in the house for placement of wardrobes is South-West corner, preferably in Master Bedroom. Get wardrobes in master bedroom designed to the south-west corner. 

Placement of Pooja Mandir

Mandir made on the kitchen counter slab, beside kitchen sink, near dining hall wash basin. Pooja mandir that shares a common wall with bathrooms and toilets or a small pooja unit attached the wall that is common to toilet is harmful. 

Brahma Sthana & Kubera Sthana

Make sure toilets are not present in the Brahma Sthana &/or Kubera Sthana of your house for it drains wealth and increases debts. 

Basic Vaasthu

The most important part of every home. Make sure you have the provision to place the stove to the east wall of south east corner of the house. If you don’t have the provision for placement of stove as per vaasthu, create a counter space for placement of the stove.  


Utilize Kubera Sthana i.e, the south west corner of the master bedroom of the house for creating wardrobe space for storage of cash, jewels and wealth for it begets more wealth accumulation. Do not construct bathrooms in south west corner, for it drains wealth. 


The most auspicious space of every home. Ideal when pooja madir is placed in North-East corner of the house. The second best options are Brahma Sthana & South-West Corner. Do not place the pooja madir on kitchen counter, beside kitchen and to the wall that is common to toilet. 

Pooja Mandir

Vaasthu is capturing the postive bountiful power of elements of The Earth, The Water, The Fire (The Sun) along with the Air in the House, making it the Abode of Peace & Prosperity.

Flicha Interiors, Bangalore provides complete home renovation solutions in Bangalore from Bathroom Renovation, Interior & Civil Renovation. The main aim of Flicha Interiors to provide home renovation solutions is to restore new style to the house and to correct Vaasthu problems through renovation. We provide Vaasthu Consultation and Home Renovation Services, thereby making it easy for you to get home renovated. 


Get vaasthu consultation by experts. 

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To restore peace and prosperity to homes through home renovation as per the science of vaasthu.

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If you are looking for a one-stop solution for entire home renovation services in Bangalore, then you are in the right place.

Flicha Interiors is the top renovation company in Bangalore with every home renovation service under one-roof.

Because renovations are not one single task, but many small tasks of great importance put together, an expert in the field with perfect infrastructure and resources makes your home renovations easier.

Renovate your home faster than expected with our strict timeline that is designed to deliver in less time. 

Gone are the days where renovations take ages to complete. 

With our well-designed renovation planning and schedule, we make it easier and faster for you to renovate your old home to completely new with customized designs.