Bathtubs are for Vacation, Not for City Apartments

The Idea of taking a Bath Soaked in the Warmth of a Bathtub is so relaxing. A Bubble Bath indulged in the warm scented water & essential oils is the best destress process. This makes me remember a popular scene from Friends. Chandler’s Bath Time [1]. But how many of us have that kind of time? Especially the city residents like Bangalore [2]?

Bathtub Removal, Bathroom Renovation & Remodeling in Bangalore

We Indians are among the cleanest people in the world. Our day doesn’t start without taking a proper bath or shower. We love relaxing, but we prefer to clean ourselves first thing in the morning. Is it really possible to dedicate time for a relaxing morning bath when you got to leave for work? No… Not so feasible… The feasibility depends on not just the time, but the space in the Bathroom.

In Cities, The maximum space available for a Bathroom is 6*8. Small Bathrooms are part of life here. Area of the Bathroom, Layout in the Bathroom plays an important role in deciding the Dry Area and Wet Area of the Bathroom. So, the available space in the Bathrooms especially in cities like Bangalore is just perfect to accommodate a Commode, Shower Area, Washbasin and a Small Vanity Cabin.

The Bathtub takes up the entire shower area. If you don’t have time for a proper Bath, You will have to take a shower by standing in the Bathtub with an overhead shower arrangement like this.

Isn’t this so uncomfortable? And that’s exactly why a small Bathroom cannot accommodate both a shower cubicle and a bathtub. Suppose you did accommodate a Bathtub, after some days, you will end up using it like this in most cases.

Taking Bath by Standing in the Bathtub. Because there is no space for a shower cubicle.

So, just reserve your Bathtub idea for a Vacation, At Home, It is better to have a Functional Bathroom. If you still desire to have a Bathtub, Read the next blog.

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[1] Friends Reference

[2] Residents of Bangalore

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Watch our latest Bathroom Renovation Project Video here. We have removed the Bathtub, Renovated it to New.

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