How to Pick the Right color to your home

Best Color Shades for Your Home.

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A home is never complete without a final touch of paint for walls. More often than not, Homeowners make choices of colours that they regret after some time.

Read on to know what colours to choose for your home walls to enhance the aesthetics.

There are a few things you should keep in mind while choosing colours.

  • Avoid Loud Colours

Loud colours like Bright Yellow, Bright Orange, Bright Green, Bright Pink & Scarlet colours for the walls. These colours are good for once in a while festive vibes. Loud shades are often believed to make people frustrated and irritated when not in a good mind. Avoid shades of Yellow at all costs. Though it is associated with Brightness, it is associated with cowardice, betrayal, egoism & madness. Furthermore, Yellow & Orange is a colour of caution.

  • Avoid Dull Colours

Dull Colors like Soot, Shadow, Umber, Brown, Sea Weed, Denim, Rasin, Dijon & Hazelwood is best avoided at home. These dull colours have an impact on the Vibes of the house. The residents tend to be less energetic, less enthusiastic and less motivated in everyday life.

  • Avoid Negative Colours

Are there negative colours? For those of you who don’t know, Yes… There exists negative colours like how there are positive colours. Colours like Black, Dark Grey, Darkest Blue, Dark Brown are all negative colours. They instantly make your mind feel inauspicious. These colours vibe with superstition and danger.

Now let us take a look at the Do’s

  • Choose Whites

White is a universal colour. It not only blends well with the house, furniture etc. It also helps to scatter & distribute light. An added advantage of white is the house looks spacious with great illumination.

  • Pastels Pallette

This is the biggest trendsetter of the new millennium. Pastel colour palette adds life to the house. It gives a modern vibe, blends perfectly with furniture and sets the mood to happiness always. Last but not the least, it adds warmth and peace to the house thereby encouraging the residents to stay positive-minded and calm.

So, this was about the points to keep in mind before selecting the colours for your home.

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