Vaastu Dosha Correction

Vastu Correction with Home Renovation

Hi, Hello. Welcome to our blog, Flicha Interiors. In this blog, I am going to speak about Vastu Dosha correction with Home Renovation.

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‘There is no place like home. It is our happy world. A home built as per Vastu is your positive palace that attracts prosperity, happiness, health, wealth and success.’

In my previous blog, I have discussed Vastu for Apartments and Villas, which helps you to select a house that is built as per Vastu principles.

The link is attached here you can go through it.

If a house has Vastu Dosha, it affects the residents. There will be arguments and fights between the couple, there will be income loss, bad health, stressful life and other negative consequences. Let us see the ways to correct it.

When it comes to correcting Vastu dosha, there are 2 methods.

  1. Temporary Solutions
  2. Permanent Solution

The temporary solutions include – Growing Vastu Plants, Getting an Aquarium, Placing Sea Salt in crucial corners of the house in a bowl and clearing it every week and replace it with a fresh one, Conducting Vastu Pooja and Placing Pyramids.

These just appear to be a temporary relief. These methods appear to have solved the Vastu problem temporarily, maybe due to the placebo effect.

It is not possible to correct blunders with these temporary solutions.

Let me elaborate. As per Vastu, there should not be a common wall between Pooja Room and the Bathroom. You simply cannot correct it by placing a pyramid on top, or by growing a Vastu plant in your house.

How do we correct it then?

Simple… If you are in rented accommodation, It is advisable to vacate and move into a new house which is as per Vastu principles. Read – Vaastu Guidelines If you are in your own house – then Home Renovation is the Best Solution because it is not a temporary solution.

So… Correct Vastu Dosha with Home Renovation.

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