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Vastu Guidelines for Apartments & Villas

Hi, Hello. Welcome to our blog, Flicha Interiors. In this blog, I am going to speak about General Vastu Guidelines for Apartments.

Earlier, people use to buy a site/plot first, then develop it and construct the house as per the principles of Vastu. A house built as per Vastu is a Heaven. Now 70% of the property buyers are either buying Flats in Apartments or buying a Villa. That is to say, they are buying the house that is already built.

Not all the Apartments and Villas will be constructed following the Principles of Vastu. Buying a house that is not built as per the Vastu Principles is believed to be inauspicious and bring bad luck, health problems and quarrel between the residents.

To avoid this, let us learn few basic principles of Vastu, that helps us to choose a house that brings prosperity and peace.

Vastu Shastra means Science of Habitat. That is ‘Science of Home’.

According to Vastu, a square-shaped or rectangular-shaped house should be chosen and not round, oval or triangular.

Vastu for Main Door and Entrance

House entrance is the most important entryway for energies. Hence, designing the Main door and Entrance as per Vastu leads a way for entry of good vibes. The Best Positions for the entrance of the house are North, North-East and East. If you do not have a provision of placement of Entrance in these directions, you can also opt for placing the main door in South East, South and North West.

The main door should be the largest door of the house. Always prefer the main door of the house made of Wood, Avoid having plastic doors or metal doors for the main door. It should have a threshold. Having a threshold prevents the entry of negative energy.

Living Room

It is advisable to have a living room in the northeastern part of the house and is kept clutter-free. As per Vastu, the Northeast corner should be kept open and clutter-free because it is the auspicious direction and is the most energetic direction due to the exposure to the morning sun.

Pooja Room or Deity Room

The pooja room or the deity room is the soul of your beautiful home. It is the birthplace of good vibes and positive energy. Vastu is essential to your entire house and is particularly more important to the pooja room. Pooja room placed in the north-eastern direction is auspicious. Avoid having a pooja room in the south section of the home, against the common wall of the bathroom, below the staircase or in the bedroom.


The most important part of every home. It is the heart of every home. The kitchen should be placed in the South-East direction of the house as this direction is of the element fire. Having a kitchen in the southeast corner promotes good health to the residents.

If Southeast corner is not available, the second-best option is North-West.

Make sure the stove is placed towards the east in the case of the southeast kitchen and in the west in the case of the northwest kitchen.

Vastu for Bedrooms

Master Bedroom

South-West is the best direction for Master Bedroom. Never have a master bedroom in the North-East direction because it is auspicious and is considered as God’s corner. Do not have the master bedroom in the southeast direction. Since it is ruled by the element fire, it is believed to get the couple quarrelling and fighting all the time.

Note: The married couple should have a bedroom in the southwest corner.

Kid’s Bedroom

North-West is preferred. A bedroom is North-East or South-East are second-best options in case North West Corner is not available for kid’s bedroom.

If you have more than 2 rooms, apply this principle for bedrooms.

Ideally, you should not have any bedrooms in the northeast. In case you have it, use it either as a kid’s bedroom or guest bedroom.

Another biggest factor that you should consider while buying a home is Ventilation. A home that has poor ventilation where there is no natural light or airflow is not a healthy home even if it is built as per Vastu. A home that has dark corners and no provision for healthy air circulation is an unhealthy home and is unfit for a peaceful life.

So, This is about the General Vastu principles for homes. Make sure to keep these guidelines in mind and buy a healthy home that brings prosperity.

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