Living Room Interior Design

Vastu for Living Room, Entrance & Main Door

Hi, Hello. Welcome to our blog, Flicha Interiors. In this blog, I am going to speak about Vastu principles that has to be taken care in the living room, entrance and main door.

I am Harini Chandrashekar, Director and Vastu Consultant at Flicha Interiors, Bangalore.

Vastu principles guide us to design homes that bring good fortune, peace and health.

Vastu for Main Entrance

The main entrance of the house is given utmost importance in Vastu for it is the entryway for all kinds of energies. The best option for Direction of Main Entrance is North-East. I will tell you why? This direction also called Eesanya receives the maximum quantity of sunlight in the morning. We know the benefits of early morning sun with respect to health and wellness. Exposure of around 5 to 10 minutes to the morning sun cures many ailments, promotes health and gives a beautiful start to the day.

Get your home interiors designed as per vaastu shastra.
Vaastu Principles for Entrance Decor

The other options for Main Entrance Direction in case the North-East is not available are East, North, South, South-East and North-West.

Vastu for Main Door

The Main Door shall be made of good quality wood and should be the largest door in the house. Get a simple and elegant design for the main door. Make sure to fit the main door properly without creaks and cracks as this is believed to get negative vibes. The most important factor you shall keep in mind while getting the main door’s frame installed is to install a threshold.

In India, you will never find a house entrance without a threshold. This culture is slowly diminishing especially in the apartments. If the builder does not provide or did not provide the threshold to the main entrance door, ask your interior designer to fix it for you. A threshold at the main entrance is believed to stop the negative energies that may enter the house.

It is good to have a small entranceway right after the door the main door. Get this place decorated and keep it well lit. It is advised to get the ambience here peaceful and inviting. You can place a Ganesha Idol. Remember, do not place a mirror right opposite to the main door for it reflects all kinds of energies entering out of the house. Be it positive or negative.

Vastu for Living Room

It is good to have a clutter-free living room that allows natural energies to flow in for good vibes. A well-designed living room that has optimum light, furniture and interior organization boosts healthy relations among the family members. The best direction for the living room is the northeast with unhindered sunlight through a balcony or a window in the north direction.

Living Room Interior Design
Vaastu for Living Room

Place the sofa in the southwest part of the living room and try to leave the northeast part free of furniture. It is best to place the TV opposite to sofa. Do not place the TV very far from the sofa or in the corner directions away from the sofa because it strains you while you are watching Tv as you will be bending your neck a lot and you may not get a relaxing posture on the sofa.

Do not get the walls painted with Dark Brown or Black for it gives a vibe that is not positive.

So, this was about the living room Vastu. Understanding Vastu principles and applying them in organizing the home accordingly channels the flow of positive energies for leading a good life.

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