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What are The Essential Design Elements to Keep in Mind while Designing Interiors for Your Home?

Are you a homeowner excited about getting Interiors designed for your home?

Are you confused with a lot of design options available on the internet?

It is natural to get lost in the plethora of information, various blogs available, a lot of dos and don’ts knowledge etc. To ease the process of your interior design, Flicha Interiors’ Director Harini Chandrashekar has authored a blog to help you take your tiny steps in understanding the essential elements of interior design.

Read on.

The 3 important elements related to Interior Design are.

  1. Space Planning.
  2. Design Proportions.
  3. Choosing the Right Colours and Design Accessories.

Space Planning

Space planning is universal to all interior spaces. Be it a small apartment or a large villa, Be it a continuing space or a closed one. Designing Interiors for such spaces depends largely on how exactly the space is planned to accommodate things like your furniture, artefacts and ideas…

For all the unique requirements that you prefer, plan the space in a better way.

The trick here is to understand your requirements, your preference, your lifestyle essentials and your style of living.

Plan the space available accordingly.

Pro Tip: Choose your convenience over others’ suggestions. Because it is you, who is going to live in that space. Not the designer nor the neighbour.

Design Proportions

Design is almost always about proportion.

A small room which accommodates a large unit looks compressed. Likewise, a large room that accommodates small units looks inadequately designed.

      This is precisely why proportions in Designs matter.

The design Principle followed at Flicha is simple. Do not clutter the space with improper proportions. So, our designs might look really simple but it is highly functional and aesthetic.

Choose the right proportions. There is no point in getting a large unit designed covering the entire wall where it looks out of proportion making the house as the whole appeal quite claustrophobic.

Likewise, choosing the smallest unit in a large space makes it look incomplete and out of required proportions.

When designing Interiors for your home, keep in mind to focus on the proportions.

Choosing the right colours and design accessories.

This might be the last element of the design elements that are discussed in this blog, but not the least.

This is where mediocre designers and carpenters go wrong. Selecting the right colours and designing accessories, requires a class. Not every neighbour of yours is classy and not every designer has got the knowledge or experience of what comprises being classy and choosing classy.

Classy Tip: Choose a Monochrome Colour Palette, Shades of Earthy Browns, Whites and Neutrals to Design your beautiful spaces.

Why these above-mentioned colours come under classy choices is simple: They are close to nature.

Let us blend in the nature yet not lose the unique outlook.

So, this was about the design elements to keep in mind while designing interiors for your spaces.

Watch this video to experience the design elements discussed here which are executed in this luxury 3BHK Apartment that is located in JP Nagar, Bangalore.

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