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Sliding Wardrobe Designs for Bedrooms

Hello Everyone. Welcome to our blog, Flicha Interiors. This is Harini Chandrashekar, here to share about Sliding Wardrobe Designs in Today’s Blog Topic.

When the homeowners are deciding on the Interior Designs, Especially the Storage Spaces in The Bedrooms, this is the question they get on their minds. Should we go for Swing Door Wardrobe or Sliding Door Wardrobe?

If you are that homeowner who is planning to get a Sliding Door Wardrobe for Your Bedroom, Read on…

There is no rule that says you should get a sliding door wardrobe or you shouldn’t. The choice shall be made based on the functionality and the liking. Not to forget, the available space for accommodating a wardrobe.

If you like having a sliding door wardrobe. Go ahead. Get it designed. The first preference in Designs is always what you like.

Sliding Wardrobes Fit anywhere. Be it a Small Bedroom or a Large Bedroom. If the room size is small, then the best choice is a Sliding Wardrobe. Also, they look sleek and just perfect adorning modernity. The outer look of the sliding wardrobes can have a laminate finish, acrylic or polymer shutters.

The space optimization and exclusive design options make sliding door wardrobes the best choice for accommodating a perfect storage space in the bedrooms.

The New Age Design Trends is adding a large mirror on one of the sliding doors or having a mirror combination design on the doors. At Flicha, We use cost-effective sliding systems involving soft-close sliding systems only. We don’t suggest the hard-close sliding systems as it is not safe compared to the soft-close. Especially in the houses where Kids are there.

The Brands we prefer for Soft-Close Sliding Systems is Hettich & Hafele.

Although there are many advantages, do consider the disadvantages too while considering the sliding wardrobes.

The disadvantages are: Sliding doors will block the view of one part of the wardrobe while the other one is open. The doors might sag and come off tracks with time, thus adding on a slight maintenance cost when it happens.

So, this was a brief about sliding wardrobes.

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