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2BHK Home Interiors @5 Lakhs/-

2BHK Home Interiors in Bangalore starts @5 Lakhs/- (TV Unit, Pooja Unit, Modular Kitchen, Swing Door Wardrobes, Utility Area and Shoe Rack)

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Villa Interior Design @ 10 Lakhs/-

Villa Interior Designs starting @10 Lakhs/-

If you are a villa owner, we understand your home interior requirements. Villa Interior Designs is more about designing a big space and keeping it optimal. Do not worry about the budget. It is equal for all. Be it apartment, individual homes or villas.

The rates are per sq.ft only/-

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3BHK Home Interiors @6 Lakhs/-

3BHK Home Interiors in Bangalore starts @6 Lakhs/- (TV Unit, Pooja Unit, Modular Kitchen, Swing Door Wardrobes, Utility Area and Shoe Rack)

Get customized 3BHK Home Interiors for your home today. Call 9845186547

Living Room TV Unit Interior Design

Living Room Interiors

It is an essential and important space of every home. A comfortable couch, an elegant sofa, a relaxing & engaging ambiance, a stylish entertainment unit, a music system, inspiring ceiling, a decor wall that acts as a showcase of our hobbies & collectibles and a feeling of home.

A personalized space at home that is also a pride & welcoming arena is living room. 

Living Room Interior Design
Living Room Interior Design
Best Residential Interior Designers in Bangalore

Designs your Home in just 30 Days with our customized Handcraft Designs. Flicha Interiors is your one-stop solution for End to End Customized Interior Designs. Home is what is Inside. Make your Home Interiors Personally Designed for You.

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Bed Room

Bedroom Interior Design Ideas
Wardrobe Inside Customization
Wardrobe Interior Design and Bedroom Decor


A warm and cozy bed for peaceful relaxing time.

Warm decor that is aesthetically perfect for a bedroom. A modern apartment & home’s new feature – storage space like wardrobes & closet.

The storage space should have storage units customized as per the requirement. Be it number of shelves, drawers, hanger storage, space for not just clothes but also accessories, shoes etc.

Flicha Interiors, Bangalore is the right choice for home interior designing as we have mastered the art of providing customized home interiors with a rich experience of 5 years in interior design & execution.

Modular Kitchen

Complete Kitchen is Comfortable

Space utilization, Storage and Style combined modular kitchen is a part of every urban home. Make the stylish modular kitchen completely functional with customized interior design service by Flicha Interiors. 

We are the specialists of functional interior design service. 

Call us now, to get your home designed as per your choices. 

Modular Kitchen Interior Design
Kitchen Shelves Interior Design
Modular Kitchen in Bangalore

Indian Interior Designs

Pooja unit designs, the very Indian essential to every home is a must. Get latest contemporary design in pooja units completely customized.

Pooja units can be modern design, contemporary design, traditional designs. Get your Pooja Unit customized in your home interior design. 

Pooja Unit

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Home is an Emotion. It is a feeling of belonging. Own that feeling of belonging in your home by cherishing every moment at Home.

To make you cherish every moment at home, We at Fi Interiors make your home more lovely, stylish, accommodating, easy, functional, perfectly customized to your tastes and needs with our brilliant home interior design ideas and expertise in the field. 

Call us today, to design your home just like you want it to be. 

We have best solutions to every home interior design needs & ideas. 

Frequently Given Answers

All About Residential Interiors to Know

Basics of Home Interior Essentials

Every Home Interior Design Covers Aspects of Foyer Area Design & Decor, Living Room Interior Design & Decor, Dining Area Interior Design & Decor, Master Bedroom Design, Kids Room Interior Decor and Study Area. Last but not least, a Balcony. 

In addition, few homes will have additional room essential interior designs for guests and elderly. 

As a whole, a home is a wonderful place of living of every human. 

About Types of Homes & Interiors

There are different types of Homes and Home Interior Designs vary as per every home. In cities, there are Individual Homes, Villas and Majority of Apartments owing to little space available. Hence, Interior Designs has to be customized to every home or apartment type. 1BHK Apartment & Home Interior Designs vary from 2BHK Apartment & Home Interior Designs that focus on space utilization interior ideas and setting. 

3BHK & Villa Home Interior Designs include Design & Decor Ideas of Free Space etc.

Essentials of 2BHK Home Interiors

2BHK Home & Apartment is the most common living type of urban lifestyle. Especially in Bangalore. Hence, Interior Designers in Bangalore focus on providing Space Utilizing Modular Interior Designs to Homes & Apartments in Bangalore. Interior Design Ideas of Modular Lifestyle Interior Include, creating ample storage space without compromising on the looks, design & functionality of Home Interiors. 

Thus lot of Storage Space is created in Lofts, Functional Space Utilization Furniture is usually planned to accommodate perfectly with Modern, Contemporary Interior Design Ideas. 

Living Room Interior Design, Bedroom Interior Design, Modular Kitchen Interior Design, Dining & Study Area Design is created keeping in mind the essentials of Home , Requirements & Ventilation. 

All about 3BHK Home Interiors

3BHK Home & Apartment Interior Design Ideas include spacious interior designs with perfect space utilization home design & decor essentials. Each Bedroom can have different interior units designed as per the specifications and requirements. The Master Bedroom can be designed in Grandeur Style with Interior Design functionality including a rich bed, connected false ceiling, study, dresser and aesthetically pleasing storage elements with decor. The Guest Bedroom Can have a simple storage space with adequate home design ideas that can accommodate guests. The kids favorite bedroom can be designed with kids specific interior design units.

Modular Kitchen with right design & proportionality, a dining area that looks elegant, aesthetic and at the same time, a place of family cherishing moments and laughter.

The living room reflecting the grandeur and style with perfect interior structure and cozy furniture for a great lifestyle.

Rental Homes

Individual House built for the purpose of renting out needs home interiors for making the tenants stay comfortable and also to get the home interiors in budget for the benefit of home owner. 

Basic home interiors are essential for every home in cities especially for storage purposes and basic amenities. The home interiors made for rental spaces should be of good quality. So, the future tenants would also stay comfortably after previous tenants vacate. 

Quality home interiors for rental spaces is a must. At Fi Interiors, we offer interior design services in bulk at budget friendly prices for the home owners and tenant benefits. 

If you are a home owner who built individual portions of 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK and studio homes, contact us for offers customized for you today. Get the home interiors designed by us to your rental space. A pleasing house that is ready to move in is a great source of income. Do not miss our best price offers. 

Home Interiors for Villas

Villas and Individual houses is cities is a cult classic dwelling. Most loved by large families is a cultural reflection of our very own Indian Families that is making a come back to our modern lifestyle. Featured with ample carpet area, villa residents have the luxury of having more space vertically in forms of lot of rooms in the same house. 

Large house is not the only feature of villa or individual houses. The warmth filled with love is the added feature. Making the space more comfortable to ease the lifestyle is every architect’s job. 

Utilizing every available space to fill the home with style and decor with suitable design is the goal of every home interior designer. 


In Detail.

Modular Kitchen

All about kitchen essentials of Indian Homes are discussed here..

Read on to know more..

Modular Kitchen in Bangalore

Frequently Given Answers

Most frequent questions and answers

Is it possible to Get Modular Kitchen Done to Small Kitchen?

Yes, it is possible. The concept of Modular Kitchen is to create as much as storage space possible and available for kitchen essentials. Designing of Modular Kitchen Interiors include- layout planning of the kitchen, appliances placement, stove and sink placement, creating storage spaces for utensils, groceries, cook ware, cooking appliances, cutlery and crockery. Making all the available space functional and easily usable as well as accessible for food preparation. Placement of Refrigerator, Dishwasher, built in oven, chimney, microwave, mixer, blender, grinder, toaster etc. Creating necessary storage space for placement of appliances, creating electrical points, necessary exhaust shafts. 

All inclusive in design makes modular kitchen a must have in every home as a part of home design and decor. 

What Exactly is Modular Kitchen?

The Space available at home for kitchen, that is modified into more usable and functional by increasing the storage capacity of the kitchen, appliances placement and usability, water inlet and outlet placement, sink space for drain, chimney for exhaust of smoke caused due to cooking etc.

Storage space in kitchen can be created in various forms like Base Unit – i.e, below the stove and cooking counter, Overhead – the space above the stove and cooking counter, Loft – the space above the overhead units.

Placement of appliances like Refrigerator can be made in any of the corner of the kitchen, dishwasher – preferably near sink, microwave, toasters and mixers – in the tall unit etc. Making every space comfortable and convenient for storage and usage is the main goal of modular kitchen interior design in home interiors. 

Is lofts compulsory in modular kitchen.?

There is nothing like compulsory in modular kitchen designs. It totally depends on the storage space one is looking for at home. If the kitchen is big enough, Base and Overhead is quite sufficient for storage of groceries and utensils. Also, even in bigger kitchen, when the resident has extra things to be stored, it is advisable to go for lofts in the interior design. Lofts can be summed up as space available for additional storage of things that are not frequently used. 

For storage space of frequently used units in the kitchen, Overhead and base units shall be properly designed with adequate storage options. 

Is Chimney Compulsory in Kitchen Interiors?

This factor depends totally on the ventilation available for the kitchen. If the kitchen is naturally ventilated and has good air circulation and exhaust option, chimney can be avoided *Provided the smoke will not cover the entire house. 

It is advisable to have a chimney for every house, since majority of the times, smoke fills the entire house at times of cooking few dishes that involves frying. 

Also, to the homes that have ACs. Having a chimney is a must. So, smoke created due to cooking can be passed outside through exhaust. 


What are the types of Storage in kitchen.?

Storage can be made with wood shelves, steel baskets, glass shelves, tandem boxes and various other storage options.

Storage can be customized for large adjustable shelves, small shelves, size of steel baskets, tandem boxes customization. There are also modern storage help accessories to create enough storage space within storage units for proper space utilization. 

Is Having more number of drawers helpful in kitchen?

Between having number of drawers and shelves. 

Shelves give better storage. For storing large containers, small containers as compared to drawers.

Drawers decrease the storage space by 30%. But the advantage of having a drawer is easy access, easy segregation for organization. 

Need more storage : Go for more shelves, preferably adjustable. 

Need easy access and good segregation units : Drawer is the best choice. 

Flecha Interiors is a collective of amazing designers, skilled artisans & craftsmen striving to create delightful Interior Spaces.

It is an established fact that, new home owner’s next biggest quest after buying a home or an apartment is to look for a suitable interior designer who can design the space wonderfully convenient, with great designs, in budget and great quality. 

We have made your search simple.  We have listed out few important queries with the right answers that indeed confirms our commitment to serve you better. 

Things to know about home interiors

Most frequent questions and answers

What are the different types of home interiors.?

There are 14 major types of interior designs globally. 

Modern, Minimalist, Contemporary, Industrial, Mid-Century Modern, Scandinavian, Traditional, Transitional, French Country, Bohemian, Rustic, Coastal, Country Side, Glamorous types. 

Each design is itself a different branch. All designs have originated as per the nativity and indigenous  requirements, culture and resources available. 

Different types of Indian Interiors is – Rajasthani, Kashmiri, Chettinad Home Style, Bengali Style Interior and world famous Kalamkari School of arts designs etc.  

Added to these, there are designs that are geographical location specific across the world. 


Which is the best suitable design for apartments.?

Today’s apartments in India, mostly in Bangalore follow Architecture of  Indian, American, French and European Styles combined. Therefore a combination of Modern, Contemporary and Indigenous Native Designs for Home Interior is Best Suitable for Apartments.

Home Interior Design, especially in apartments can be customized using a combination of modern designs with a contemporary, calm color palette and design standards.

3 BHK apartment interior can typically have modern living room with modern or bohemian furnishings, contemporary modular kitchen, a study with modern furnishings or rustic decor, bedrooms that are aesthetically designed with minimalist decor or traditionally grand, ceiling with light false ceiling ideas etc. 



Ideal place for Crockery Unit.?

The ideal place at home for crockery is dining area or beside breakfast counter. If a home has a bar unit, a crockery unit beside the mini bar is a great choice. 

An overhead unit with glass panel door is also perfect. Best standards for crockery unit is always the combination of wood and glass combined. Lets not hide the beauty of kitchen collectibles behind opaque shutters.!

Displaying best things adds to the beauty of home decor. 

Is having a TV Space in Bedroom a Good Choice.?

A great choice indeed. Bedrooms are one’s own private space of modern world. A bedroom with required amenities is almost a home in itself. 

Most important factor one shall consider is : Space Utilization and Aesthetics. The designs shall be in such a way that, the place doesn’t look stuffed. It shall reflect free spaces along with the decor and storage essential. While getting the bedroom interior designs, one shall keep in mind to not block any form of natural ventilation available. 

Natural Ventilation adds beauty and restores freshness constantly. 

What is customization in Home Interiors.?

Customization in Home Interior Design is a plan that accommodates design, space utilization, functionality as well as aesthetics in a comfortable manner. Proper placement of various units with functionality defined is the advantage of getting customized home interiors. 

Only with customization it is possible to organize home essentials with detailed perfection. Imagine a home without laundry space designed. The soiled clothes would be in bedrooms, bathrooms, washing machine in one of the bedrooms, kitchen or utility, washing soaps, detergents can be underneath kitchen sink,  strings to dry clothes can be in main balcony. Water inlet and outlet, electric points not in place is also the disadvantage. 

With laundry space designed through home interiors, the utility space can be completely equipped with a washing machine, storage units for soiled clothes, strings that can be fixed in the roof,  storage for washing essentials, also – perfect water inlet, outlet creation and electric points placement to use appliances. 

Anything is possible through customization. Hence, it is highly recommended to hire a Interior Designer who provides customized designs. 

We make your Dream Home Beautiful.

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