Interior & Civil Renovation

3 Reasons to Choose Us

Interior and Civil Renovations include renovation and remodeling of some parts of your home, be it a bedroom, kitchen, plumbing renovations, electrical renovations, bathroom renovation and partial renovations.

Choosing someone to get the renovation done that involves masonry, carpentry, painting, electrical fixtures, plumbing and sanitary fixtures is a challenge.

We have simplified the solution. Flicha Interiors, one stop solution for Interior and Civil Renovations. 

We are Organized

Interior and Civil renovation involves organized labor and management. We are organized, thereby the best solution providers for Interior & Civil Renovation.


Another reason to choose flicha interiors for interiors and civil renovation is the expertise. A team of experts to provide solutions for every renovation needs.

Strict Timeline.

We follow strict timeline principles to complete the work on time. There will be no delays and thereby promising impeccable service in renovation and remodeling.

Flicha Interiors is the Civil Renovation Expert in Bangalore with End to End Civil Renovation and All Renovation Services under one roof.

With a Rich Experience of 5+ years in the field of Civil Renovation and Interior Renovation, Flicha Interiors is your best choice for Home Renovation Services.

From Floor Renovation to Making Structural Changes to the old apartment, old homes and villas. We take care of all civil work-related services. 

If you are a home owner in Bangalore looking for Civil Renovation Expert to get Civil Renovation done to your home.

Call us today.


Our story

Established since 2014, with an aim to provide impeccable interior & civil renovations in Bangalore at ease. We nurtured a skilled team of technicians, artisans, labors, supervisors, managers and organizers to take care of domestic services that is mainly Interior and Civil Renovation. 

A one stop solution to complete interior & civil renovations, we provide Interior Renovation, Kitchen Renovation, Partial  Renovation, Plumbing Renovation, Floor Renovation, Plumbing and Electrical Renovation, Painting and Decor Services and all other interior and civil renovation services under one roof.

Vaasthu for Homes

If you are having trouble at home due to no Vaasthu compliance. Get your homes renovated as per principles of Vaasthu. 

Homes designed as per Vaasthu is believed to attract Wealth and Prosperity. The residents will be blessed with Happiness and Health. 

One of the biggest reasons home-owners look for renovation is to renovated and remodel the house as per the Vaasthu Principles. 

Bathroom Renovation

We undertake complete bathroom renovation, flooring renovation, tiles laying, remodeling new bathroom, floor tiles and wall tiles layering, glass shower partition, plumbing & electrical work required for bathroom, necessary styling and wood work. 

Bathroom Remodeling by Fi Interiors, Bangalore

Tiles Laying

Complete flooring renovation of apartments, office spaces, work spaces, business outlets, franchises, brick & mortar stores are undertaken.

Interior Renovation

Complete Interior Renovation involving Wardrobe Renovation, Kitchen Renovation, Interior Space Planning and Remodeling, Partial Renovation including Vaasthu Changes, Decor Renovation, Painting Renovation – House Repainting Services etc. 


Interior Designer in Bangalore

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Civil Renovation Experts

We are the top civil renovation company in Bangalore who will undertake end-to-end Civil Renovation Services. We have a team of skillful experts to complete civil renovation with impeccable perfection and ease. One can procure the material required for civil renovation, but cannot guarantee to get the work done. Getting the work done is the important factor here. Leave that to us. We will take care. 

Interior Renovation Experts

If you are looking for Interior Designers who will also undertake renovation of Home Interiors. We are the right choice. We not only design the interior space, but also renovate the old interior spaces to completely new. Anybody can design interiors for new homes, but you need right professionals to renovate the old interiors to new. Call us today. We are the experts in complete interior renovation services. 

Kitchen Renovation Experts

Kitchen is the most important space of every home that needs time to time attention and improvement. If your kitchen is old and need renovation, If you are looking for upgrading the kitchen to existing styles in terms of design and functionality. Call us today 9845186547


Structural Renovation Experts

You are planning to take the balcony space inside the home to increase the carpet area of your living room or bedroom etc. If you are planning to break the wall between two adjacent rooms to create the large space or any apartment related structural renovation. Call us.