Interior & Civil Renovation

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Expert Civil Renovation Company in Bangalore, Flicha Interiors is your one-stop solution for End to End Home Renovation. 

Civil Renovation made easy. From Demolition to Remodeling, Every Work is taken care of by us. We provide Hassle-Free Civil Renovation, Bathroom Renovation & Remodeling, Structural Renovation, Interior Renovation, Restyling and Redesigning Services. Not just civil work, We undertake Customized Interior Design Services in Bangalore.

No Running after different contractors for getting complete renovation done. All you have to do is contact us for End to End Civil Renovation Works. 

We are one of the Top 10 Home Renovation Companies in Bangalore. With an Experience of 7+ Years in the field of Civil Renovation, We have renovated 93+ projects in Bangalore. 

Scope of Works being Floor Renovation, Structural Changes, Wall Demolition ( Not Load Bearing ), New Wall Construction, Room Extension, Balcony Extension, Bathroom Renovation, Bathroom Remodeling, Plumbing Renovation, Electrical Renovation, Interior Design, False Ceiling, Painting and Decor. 

We have skilled Workforce to take care of End to End Civil Renovation Services. 

Old Home Renovation

We are the Experts in Old Home Renovation. We have renovated 40+ Old Homes till date in Bangalore. Renovation is not just limited to removing the old components of the house and replacing it with new components. It is much more than that.

We understand Renovation needs better than anyone else. Civil Renovation is the need of the hour for Old Home Renovation. Right from Extending the Kitchen Space, Creating a Space for Utility, Bathroom Renovation to Remodeling. Improving Aesthetics and Functionality, every renovation work involves civil renovation. 

Hence we have built a strong team for Civil Renovation to Cater to Old Home Renovation needs. 

Bathroom Renovation & Remodeling

We Renovate Old Bathrooms & Deliver New Bathrooms in 15 days. 

Bathroom Renovation involves Demolition of the Existing Tiles, Removal of Old Plumbing Connections, Electrical Renovation, Procurement of New Fittings & Tiles, Installation etc.

For Hassle-Free Bathroom Renovation & Expert Civil Renovation.

Civil Renovation

Civil Renovation involves Masonry, Tiles Laying, Floor Renovation, Wall Construction, Structural Changes, Plumbing Line Renovation, Balcony Extension, Room Extension, Kitchen Extension, Improving Aesthetics, Painting, Electrical Renovation, Wall Cutting and other micro renovation.

For End to End Civil Renovation Works. 



3 Reasons to Choose Us

Interior and Civil Renovations include renovation and remodeling of some parts of your home, be it a bedroom, kitchen, plumbing renovations, electrical renovations, bathroom renovation and partial renovations.

Choosing someone to get the renovation done that involves masonry, carpentry, painting, electrical fixtures, plumbing and sanitary fixtures is a challenge.

We have simplified the solution. Flicha Interiors, one stop solution for Interior and Civil Renovations. 

We are Organized

Interior and Civil renovation involves organized labor and management. We are organized, thereby the best solution providers for Interior & Civil Renovation.


Another reason to choose flicha interiors for interiors and civil renovation is the expertise. A team of experts to provide solutions for every renovation needs.

Strict Timeline.

We follow strict timeline principles to complete the work on time. There will be no delays and thereby promising impeccable service in renovation and remodeling.

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Civil Renovation Experts

We are the top civil renovation company in Bangalore who will undertake end-to-end Civil Renovation Services. We have a team of skillful experts to complete civil renovation with impeccable perfection and ease. One can procure the material required for civil renovation, but cannot guarantee to get the work done. Getting the work done is the important factor here. Leave that to us. We will take care. 

Civil Renovation Experts in Bangalore

Interior Renovation Experts

If you are looking for Interior Designers who will also undertake renovation of Home Interiors. We are the right choice. We not only design the interior space, but also renovate the old interior spaces to completely new. Anybody can design interiors for new homes, but you need right professionals to renovate the old interiors to new. Call us today. We are the experts in complete interior renovation services. 

Interior Renovation

Kitchen Renovation Experts

Kitchen is the most important space of every home that needs time to time attention and improvement. If your kitchen is old and need renovation, If you are looking for upgrading the kitchen to existing styles in terms of design and functionality. Call us today 9845186547


40 Years Old Kitchen Renovation Expert Bangalore

Structural Renovation Experts

You are planning to take the balcony space inside the home to increase the carpet area of your living room or bedroom etc. If you are planning to break the wall between two adjacent rooms to create the large space or any apartment related structural renovation. Call us.

Structural Renovation Expert in Bangalore

Bathroom Renovation Experts

Expert Bathroom Renovation Services in Bangalore. Old Bathroom Renovated to Completely New in 15 Days. In Bathroom Renovation, Right from Tiles, Commode, Shower Fittings, Accessories etc are demolished and new fittings are installed. Required Electrical Work is Done. Old Plumbing Fittings are removed and New Plumbing Fittings are installed. Call us today 9845186547


Bathroom Remodeling Experts

Are you looking for changing the layout and structure of the bathroom? Do you want to change the commode point from one position to another? Do you want to remove your squat toiled and install a water closet toilet or vice versa? Do you want to create dry and wet area? Do you want to shift the bathroom door to the other side? These are all part of Bathroom Remodeling.