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Bathroom Renovation & Remodeling in Bangalore

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Bathroom Renovation & Remodeling in Bangalore.

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Why Delay.? When You Can Hire Us today for Quick Bathroom Renovation Services.

High Quality Bathroom Renovation and Remodeling done in 15 days.

Bathroom Renovation by Flicha Interiors, Bangalore

Bathroom Renovation

Complete Bathroom Renovation and Remodeling with High Quality and in Best Budget. 

Plumbing Installations by Flicha Interiors, Bangalore

Bathroom Remodeling

Complete Remodeling of existing bathroom to new bathroom, conversion of Indian toilet to western toilet.

Plumbing Repairs by Flicha Interiors

Plumbing Renovation

Plumbing Renovation of Bathrooms and Sink with Tiles Layering and Required Masonry Service.

On average, a human being spends 1.5 years of his lifetime in the bathroom. Why not spend that time in the most luxurious and comfortable Bathrooms renovated and remodelled by Flicha Interiors, Bangalore.?

Take a look at our recent Bathroom Renovation Project in Bangalore. Exclusive content with Before & After Pictures. 

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In our customers’ own words

Maruthi and Team are great folks and professional in nature. I trust their work so much now that i always call him for any big work such as bathroom renovation and any mid complexity work.
Rishab Makrand
Very happy to get Interior and Civil Renovation in one place. Got my 2 bathrooms renovated, tiles and civil work and plumbing renovations. I recommend Flicha Interiors.
Suraj S
I got 2 Bathrooms, Kitchen Sink, Utility area renovated. Flicha Interiors team did a good job with the plumbing and renovation service. They have a good team for renovations.
Abhishek J.S

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Bathtub Removal & Old Bathroom Renovation

Take a look at this video to understand our Old Bathroom Renovation. We have renovated more than 128 Bathrooms so far in Bangalore under the category of Interior & Civil Renovation. Removal of Old Bathtub, Tiles, Plumbing lines and Renovating to Completely new in 15 Days.

We are the experts in Interior and Civil Renovation in Bangalore. We renovate old homes and modernise them by improving, upgrading and making structural changes.

We are the only company in Bangalore who undertake end to end home renovation and interior design under one-roof.

Are you led to Interior Designer Company when you are looking for Bathroom Renovation Contractors? Worry not, This is not another Interior Design Company that provides only Interior Designs. 

Flicha Interiors is your one-stop solution for End to End Home Renovation, Civil Renovation, Bathroom Renovation & Interior Design. 

We do exclusive Bathroom Renovations and Remodeling, Full Home Renovations including Civil Renovations, Electrical Renovations, Structural Renovations and Interior Designs.