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Kitchen Corner Shelf Hacks

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In this blog, I am going to speak about Kitchen Corner Shelf Hacks one should keep in mind when getting their Modular Kitchen Designed.

The Modular Kitchen Designs in Modern Homes can be L-Shaped, U-Shaped or Parallel Kitchen. Sometimes there are Kitchen Designs with an Island Centre. When it comes to a parallel kitchen, it is a simple design without much complication because you will have two parallel units without much complication.

Parallel Kitchen Design
Parallel Kitchen Design

The tricky part in U-Shaped Kitchen and L-Shaped Kitchen is the Corners. The accessibility to the corners is slightly difficult, especially in the overhead unit.

Corner Shelf in L-Shaped Kitchen

The corners here usually comes in L-Shaped. We can get the L-Shaped Corner covered with a 180-degree hinge attaching two doors. Refer to Hettich Hinges But the challenge in designing this part of the modular kitchen when we get the doors are: The accessibility is difficult and also there is higher chances of you getting hurt while opening this door.

So, how do we solve this problem in budget?

Simple, get the corner shelves designed like this

Corner Shelf Hack in Interior Design

Get open corner shelves for the difficult corners of your modular kitchen.

It is easy to access, it is cost saving and also there is no chance of getting hurt while opening the door of the overhead cabinet.

Open Corner Shelves

So, this is about the corner shelf hack that you shall keep in mind when getting your modular kitchen designed. Kitchen is the place of highest activity in every homes. Especially Indian Homes as we prefer to eat our every meal hot and fresh, so we cook 3 to 4 times a day. Focusing in minute details like this can be a big add on the design and also for the functionality.

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