Floor Renovation in Bangalore

Traditional Floor Renovation Method

Hi, Hello. Welcome to our blog, Flicha Interiors. In this blog, I am going to speak about Traditional Floor Renovation Method.

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Lets get to the topic ‘Traditional Floor Renovation Method’.

What is Floor Renovation?

Floor Renovation is the process of improving a broken, damaged or outdated or old floor. It can be renovation of soft floor or hard floor.

In this blog, I am going to explain about renovation of hard floor. The most commonly found hard floor in India is of Granite, Marble or Tiles. Let us go through the procedure of improving broken hard floor and laying tiles.

The steps are:

Floor Renovation in Bangalore
  1. Demolition and Removal of Existing Tiles, Granite or Marble – This is the first step in floor renovation where the existing floor is demolished to begin the process of floor renovation and removal of existing flooring.
  2. Removing old sand and cement mix bed – After demolishing of existing floor and removing the demolished granite, marble or tiles, the next step is to remove the old sand and cement mix bed.
  3. Clearing the debris – The debris that gets accumulated has to be cleared from the site.
  4. Chipping work for Floor Levelling – After the demolition of the existing floor, chipping work should be done for floor levelling to level the uneven surface formed.
  5. Checking Water-Levels in all the corners – Using the water levels device, we find the level spot on surfaces, so we can build structures that are even and correct. In the case of flooring, the water level is determined to check how even the surface of the floor horizontally to prepare the tiles laying. If there is a lot of difference, we correct it and get the horizontal plane.
  6. Bed preparation and Floor levelling – The bed is prepared for tiles laying, In case of uneven surfaces, the floor is levelled in this process to get an even horizontal floor.
  7. Preparation of New Cement Bed – The new cement bed is prepared after the floor levelling.
  8. New Tiles Laying – After the cement bed is prepared, the next step is tiles laying.
  9. Grouting Work – Chemical grouting is done after tiles laying. This is to prevent water leaks to the floor bed through gaps between the tiles.
  10. Deep cleaning – The last and most important step before getting a new floor.

So, this is about the traditional method of floor renovation and tiles laying.

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