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What is The Cost of 3BHK Interiors?

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In this blog, I will explain in detail cost of 3BHK Home Interiors in Bangalore.

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I will be explaining the cost by taking one of our recently completed 3bhk interior design project, located in Uttarahalli, Bangalore.

The living room interiors include a TV Unit and False Ceiling with Lights.

Cost of TV Unit

Cost of TV Unit

Cost of this TV Unit is Rs 35700 /-

Note: Cost depends on the quantity (Area of the Tv Unit ) and the design.

Cost of False Ceiling – The false ceiling to this house is done in the periphery of the living room ceiling and the dining area.

Spot lights and Stripe lights are fixed in the false ceiling.

There are 14 lights and Stripe Lights. The cost for Each Point is 1050/-

So, the cost of 14 lights installation = 14,700/-

There was a small storage space created for this apartment beside the pooja unit with the door.

Cost of Home Interiors Explained

Cost of Kid’s Bedroom Interiors

The Kids Bedroom Interiors include a wardrobe and lofts above.

Guest Bedroom Wardrobe and Loft is same size as the Kid’s Bedroom and so the costs are the same.

We have made a cot, headboard and two bedside tables in the guest bedroom.

That costs –

Master Bedroom Interiors Cost

Master Bedroom has a Cot with Storage, Headboard and Two Bedside tables with storage drawers.

Kitchen Interiors Cost

Kitchen interiors include a base unit, a overhead unit, high-volume lofts and a crockery unit.

BWP – Boiling water proof plywood is used and high gloss laminates are used on the outside, fabric laminate is used to the inside.

The cost of Base unit of this Modular Kitchen

Cost of Modular Kitchen Base Unit

The overhead unit cost is 11 x 2 = 22 sqft x 1500/- = 33,000/-

The cost of lofts is 15 x 2.6 = 39 x 950/- = 37,050 / –

The cost of crockery unit = 12 x 1500/- = 18,000/-

The cost of steel baskets that include cutlery, plain and thali unit, and one oil pull out unit

So, the cost of 3 BHK Home Interiors designed by Flicha Interiors, Bangalore to an apartment located in Uttarahalli Bangalore is Rs. 6,08,080/-.

The cost discussed here is inclusive of material, labor, transportation and supervision.

The best part of Flicha Interiors quote is there is absolutely no hidden charges. The quote totally depends on the quantity. The cost also is inclusive of hardware and accessories used like hinges, channels, mirrors and handles.

So, this is about the cost of 3BHK Home Interiors.

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