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Popular Types of Home Interiors

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Welcome to our blog, Flicha Interiors. In this blog, I am going to discuss Popular Types of Interior Designs for Designing Home Interiors. When we are designing interiors to our homes, we often get confused between the various available options, themes, our personal style, current design trends etc.

With abundant design styles present, we need a good understanding of some types of interior designs so we will be able to explain our choices to a designer while designing our homes. Sometimes, this knowledge of types of interior designs helps us combine two or three different styles to arrive at our own unique home interiors.

Let us take a look at the popular interior design types and what they mean.

Traditional Interior Design – This interior design offers what we call a classic trend. The features of Traditional Interiors are – Carved heavy furnishing, Antique looking designs that reflect richness. Every minute detail from furniture to accessories have elaborate details.

Traditional Interior Design

Modern Interior Design – This design type is unique to the 21st century that represents the present style we are experiencing. The design here suits the purpose of it combined with the coolest look.

Minimalist Interior Design – A popular trend of Home Interiors especially with the urban population where the belief is ‘Less is more. This type of interior design promotes a peaceful choice of designs from the colour palette to furnishings. This type of interior design encourages ‘Free Space’ more beautifully by avoiding clutters.

Rustic Interior Design – Very popular among the new-age homeowners who love the rustic village style. In the urban spaces, this type of design adds the warmth of the village life blended aesthetically.

Rustic Interior Design

Bohemian Interior Design – To those who love the patterns that reflects activity and adds a bit of drama to the lifestyle. Characterized by the presence of colourful patterns combining the unique colour palette, this style has been the trendsetter.

Bohemian Interior Design

Contemporary Interior Design – The design that is continuously evolving to match the current trends. It is the design of the present time. The features of this style is the combination of open spaces and usage of metallic and glass elements to define the space.

Contemporary Interior Design

Industrial Interior Design – This type of design originated when factory facilities were refurbished to suit the residential purpose. Presence of brick walls, exposed pipes, Visible electric wires, concrete flooring, metal surfaces and utilitarian objects.

Industrial Interior Design

Coastal, Beach Side or Nautical Interior Design – As the name suggests, this style is inspired by sea lovers and sailors of olden times where the miniature or small accessories of the ship and beachside like a Compass, Maps, Anchor and Ropes etc. are used as a styling element in the home that is painted with a blue and white colour palette.

Coastal or Beachside Interior Design

Eclectic or Diverse Interior Design – A design that combines diversity in the design. It does not reflect a single theme either in colour palette or the furnishings. It combines contrasting colours and styles.

Eclectic Interior Design

Scandinavian Interior Design – This interior design style features white walls, large mirrors, light wooden flooring, the presence of smooth woollen rugs on the floor etc. This design is an uncomplicated design that uses natural light, naturally available functional furnishing and a tone that reflects practical designs.

Scandinavian Interior Design

So, these are the popular types of home interiors.

We will explain each of the interior design style in more details in our upcoming blogs.

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