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Floor Renovation – Tile on Tile – Pros and Cons

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In this blog, I am going to speak about Alternate type of Floor Renovation, that is Tile on Tile. Its Advantages and Disadvantages.

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What is Floor Renovation?

Floor Renovation is the process of improving a broken, damaged or outdated or old floor. If you are thinking of floor renovation, you can either choose traditional method of floor renovation or the new method, that is Tile-on-Tile method of Floor Renovation.

What is tile on tile method of floor renovation?

Tile on Tile is the method of installing the new tile on the existing tile, granite or stone surfaces with the help of an adhesive. This can be done for both wall and floor.

I will be speaking about the advantages and disadvantages of tile on tile method of flooring.


  1. Easier – Installing tile over tile is easier compared to the traditional method, where it involves breaking up the existing tiles, removal and shifting of debris, preparing the cement bed and then fixing of new tile.
  2. Time Saving – The traditional method of floor renovation and tiles laying takes time, whereas installing tile on tile saves time.
  3. Dust can be avoided – Laying tile on tile with an adhesive does not generate dust.
  4. Neighbor Friendly – Since, there will be no demolition, breaking of tiles etc. This method is noise free and your neighbors won’t be disturbed.
  5. Cheaper – This method of floor renovation is cheaper as you will be avoiding the cost of demolition, breaking of tiles, shifting of debris, new tiles bed preparation. All you will be doing is installing the new tile over the existing tile with the help of an adhesive.
  6. Faster Process – You can start using your floor after 24 hours, because there will be no curing time required.
  7. Hassle-Free – Tile on Tile is a hassle free process because it avoids most of the steps that is otherwise involved in traditional method of flooring.

Coming to the disadvantages

  1. Fixing on uneven surfaces is possible, but the finish won’t be as good as the new tiles laying on the cement bed.
  2. Durability – The life of this method of flooring is less.
  3. Chances of Breakage – There is high chances of breakage due to the possibilities of Hallow getting created.
  4. Checking water-level is difficult.
  5. Height of the floor will increase – Tile Thickness + Adhesive thickness
  6. The bottom of the existing doors has to be trimmed and fitted because there is increase in the height.
  7. Fixed Furniture of the house – be it a cot – especially the one with storage drawers, you may not be able to open them. Opening of wardrobe doors – in case of swing door wardrobes and other fixed furniture has to be remodeled.

These are some of the advantages and disadvantages of tile on tile method of floor renovation.

So, if you are planning for floor renovation and think the tile on tile method is your go-to. Then make your decision based on the factors to consider before applying this technique.

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