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Why Lofts in the Kitchen is Very Important?

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In this blog, I will be speaking about why you should get lofts designed to your modular kitchen.

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A well designed modular kitchen will have a base unit, overhead unit and lofts above the overhead unit.

The base unit will have storage spaces in the form of hinged storage and steel baskets or tandem box. The overhead unit will also have storage space in the form of hinged storage, sliding doors and shelves.

The lofts are made above the overhead unit. It will have mostly hinged storage space, in some rare cases, it will have a sliding shutters.

The base unit and overhead unit often accommodates the utensils and groceries for daily use. But it is the lofts that offers perfect solution for storage of rarely used kitchen accessories like big cooking utensils, appliances etc.

Apart from offering extra storage space, lofts also offer other advantages.

Let us take a look.

  1. It conceals the chimney exhaust pipe. The visible chimney exhaust pipe is not the most beautiful sight to see in the kitchen. So, lofts offer the best solution in concealing it.
  2. The kitchen looks full and complete. The space above the overhead unit without lofts might look incomplete.
  3. Avoids accumulation of dust above the overhead unit and on chimney pipe which gets difficult to clean.
  4. It offers functional storage space for the modular kitchen.
  5. Last but not least, it adds beauty to the modular kitchen.

So, this is about wardrobe lofts and its advantages in the modular kitchen.

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