Cost of Home Interiors

What is the cost of Home Interiors.?.

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In this blog, I am going to speak about the very important question. What is the cost of Home Interiors.?.

Cost is the number one factor that is important when making a decision. Be it a Car, Tv, Phone or anything. Every buying decision ends up with a question. How much does it cost?

It is the same thing when it comes to home interiors as well.

When you look for a designer to design home interiors for your dream home. You will analyze few important factors like – Design, Quality of the materials, Quality of the work, etc. but the most important factor is Cost.

Most of the interior designers in the market are providing interiors on cost per square feet basis. Let me simplify it for you with an example.

Ananth needs a wardrobe of size 7 feet height and 8 feet width. The cost per square feet is Rs.100/-. What is the cost of the wardrobe.?

Ans –

Area of the wardrobe = 7*8 = 56 ft

Cost per sq ft = 100/-

Cost of the wardrobe = 56*100 = 5600/-

The cost of the wardrobe is Rs.5600/-

So, this is how the cost of the home interiors are also determined. It totally depends on the quantity you want and the cost per square feet.

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