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Homes shall be renovated and remodeled from time to time. Renovation needs of homes vary from Floor Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, Room Extensions and Inclusions, Balcony Extensions, Space Enhancements, Ventilation provision creation or partial construction, complete structural redesign. Each work needs a separate set of specialized skills and expertise to achieve perfection. A good home is one that has a pleasant ambiance for one to live in. Renovations of homes start with Civil Renovations, Interior Design, and Redesign and Ends with Interior Decorations. Finding a Vendor in Bangalore who will undertake all these services and provides the best service made easy now.

Flicha Interiors is the best home renovator in Bangalore with a dedicated team of structural engineers, interior designers, masons, tile-laying workforce, carpenters, painters, electricians, plumbers, and decorator craftsmen to provide end to end hassle-free home renovation services in Bangalore. Flicha Interiors is hence, the one-stop solution for all home renovation, interior design, and decoration needs under one roof.

Quality is our priority. Our Renovation Projects are not just end to end, but also completed in strict timelines as promised, so our valuable clients’ time is respected.

Experience, Expert Team, Perfect Infrastructure from Supply Chain to Labor to Excellent Supervision, We Ensure Renovation Projects are completed on-time with high efficiency and quality.

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