Choosing an Interior Designer

Why you should not choose Carpenter for Interior Designing.

This blog speaks about why you should not choose carpenters for getting your home interiors design.

Once you buy a home, the priority is getting home interiors designed. Home Interiors mainly is about Modular Kitchen, Wardrobes, a TV Unit, and Storage Cabinets.

You can get the Interiors designed, the way you want in two ways.

  1. Hire a carpenter
  2. Hire a designer

Most often, Home Owners choose the first option.

This blog explains in detail the advantages of hiring an Interior Designer Company for getting your interior space designed.

A Qualified Interior Designer Company offers these 5 major things as a part of Interior Designing.

  1. Warranty
  2. Quality and Assurance
  3. After-Sale Service
  4. Trust
  5. No Hidden Cost 


The established firms provide a minimum of 5 to 10 years warranty for the interior designs. Warranty is a factor, homeowners should not ignore when paying for a service. We respect your hard-earned money and hence, we work towards providing value to you. Get assured warranty for the product and service you avail.

So, while shortlisting a company, consider the warranty factor and make a wise decision.

At Flicha Interiors, We Provide 10 Years Warranty on Home Interiors Designed by Us.

2. Quality Assurance

Quality is your right. Quality is not an additional feature. It is the part of the product or service you avail. You deserve quality home interiors to your dream home. As per the survey of Interior Designs Quality done by Carpenters, more than 50% of Interiors starts to wear out in 2 years. The reason… There are no standard quality checks.

When you hire an Interior Design Company, be assured you will get Quality Home Interiors. Because every company follows a set of standard and rigorous quality checks and Supervision to deliver you high-quality products and services.

At companies, it is our responsibility to deliver quality.

Quality is Priority at Flicha Interiors. Get High-Quality Interior Designs in Best Budget.

3. After-Sale Service

An Interior Design Company offers after-sales service to the interiors designed. It is the part of the package you get while getting your home interiors done. So, in case of problems. You need not worry to get the service.

We will fix the issues soon. The same facility may not be available with Individual Carpenters.

At Flicha Interiors, We Provide guaranteed after-sale service.

4. Trust

Companies will be Registered. Has an Office Address, Digital Identity, Social Presence, Proper Documentation for Payments, Last but not least – A Brand Identity. So, You can Know Your Designer Company with these details. Proper Agreement will be made and work will be executed.

The same details may not be available with respect to Carpenters. There are many cases reported where the customers have paid money to the carpenter and he has taken the money and run away.

Flicha Interiors, Established in 2014 is registered. 

Choose wisely.

5. No Hidden Costs

The job will be as per the detailed quote. The work will be started only after a detailed discussion of the budget and after the proper signing of agreements with full clarity. So, there will not be Hidden Costs once the work is started when you choose The Interior Designer Company for the job.

There will not be any design confusion too. The same designs that you finalized will be executed.

Be careful about the hidden costs and work clarity. Often, clients have faced this problem when asked about the designs – The carpenters have charged extra.

At Flicha Interiors, There will be absolutely No Hidden Costs. 


So, these are the advantages of Hiring an Interior Designer Company.

Think Before You Hire a Carpenter. Ask him, if he can provide Warranty, Quality Assurance, After-Sale Service, Trust, and Work Clarity. And remember, he should provide all these.

If he doesn’t. Then you should hire someone who provides all these. The answer is – An Interior Designer Company.

HIre, The Best Interior Designer Company in Bangalore. Get your home designed by us today.

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