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Top 10 Must-Have Interior Essentials for Every Indian Home

The Uniqueness of Indian Homes are well known all over the world. To every homeowner, his home is a world in itself. What the home is made up of inside defines the very idea of a beautiful life built inside the heaven called home.

Your home can be a villa, an individual building, a standalone construction, an apartment, a row house. Ultimately it is how you organize the Interior Space says a lot about you. Let us understand the must-haves Interior essentials for every Indian Home, that help in organizing the space as per your unique requirements as Home Interiors play an important role in defining the lifestyle.

10. Utility Unit & Vanity Cabin

Vanity & Utility Unit Design by Flicha Interiors

An important interior unit that has gained its position in recent times as a part of home interior essentials. Its role is to help the daily routine. What’s that daily routine? Indians are known for keeping themselves clean and healthy. So, bathing is mandatory to start our day. Indian households generally don’t postpone doing laundry. So, washing clothes also has become an everyday activity.

To keep the bathing accessories organized completely, a functional storage cabinet called Vanity Cabin made up of waterproof materials is made by Interior Designers. Storage space will be created for an oral hygiene kit, shampoos, soap, towels, shaving accessories, bathroom cleaner liquid. So, vanity cabin has become an important part of bathroom interiors.

The utility unit is not only for the storage of laundry essentials. Its a separate unit in itself that is designed to accommodate washing machine, sink & dishwasher too. A properly designed utility unit creates enough functional space for accommodating the appliances as well as the storage for detergents, conditioners, dishwasher liquid, etc.

9. Shoe Rack

Shoe Rack Design by Flicha Interiors Bangalore

Having different footwear has become a part of our lifestyle. We will have different footwear for different purposes like Formal Footwear, Sports Shoes, Casual Shoes, Sneakers, Sandals, Flip Flops, Designer Footwear for Ethnic Dresses, etc. Proper storage space for safekeeping of our footwear has become mandatory for preserving the quality of footwear by safeguarding it from dust accumulation & wear offs. The shoe rack with a seating arrangement helps it look better & also helps you to comfortably wear the footwear.

A shoe rack is a cool & useful part of every home interior essentials.

8. Lofts on Wardrobe

Loft on Wardrobe

In India, the loft is a space either open or covered with doors of height ranging from 2 feet to 3 feet made on the wardrobe or under the ceiling of the house specifically used for storage. Creating extra storage space for rarely used accessories such as extra blankets, bedspreads, suitcases, travel bags, etc. The presence of lofts has become a very important part of Indian Home Interiors that gives additional storage space for our things which otherwise would be left unorganized.

7. Wardrobe

Sliding Wardrobe

A very crucial part of every home for storage of clothes, money, jewelry, documents, files, dressing accessories, etc. A wardrobe in a home is a must to help the storage & organization of everyday essentials.

It is interesting & challenging at the same time to design a wardrobe for city homes where space is not large but sufficient when properly used. Wardrobe design is not just about selecting the right colors, it is also about selecting the right design for proper functionality keeping in mind the availability of space, size requirements based on the storage, the mechanism that optimizes the space to maximum potential.

The two broad mechanisms for wardrobe are swing door & sliding door. Perfect wardrobe design is how you want it to be, how the bedroom should look like, and also the storage aspects and functionality of the wardrobe based on your preference. Storage options inside the wardrobe can be in the form of shelves, drawers, and hangers specifically designed keeping in mind the variety of clothing & accessories that you own.

If your room doesn’t have enough space for a separate mirror unit, then opt for wardrobe designs that accommodate the installation of the mirror on one of the doors of the wardrobe. A mirror on the wardrobe also serves the purpose of styling.

An expert interior designer keeps all the factors in mind and delivers the right design best suited for your home.

6. Dresser

Dressing Table Design

A sophisticated dresser has always been a part of Indian Homes since times immemorial. A large mirror with shelves beneath or beside the mirror cabinet, a couple of drawers under the mirror, or a full-length mirror with storage designed on the sides. Sufficient lighting arrangments are made around the dresser. Inside customization to organize the accessories such as Bangle Holder, Jewelry Holder. Good storage space for cosmetics and perfumes organized in one place constitutes the important components of a dresser.

A good dresser has become an essential interior unit in an Indian home. Get the dresser unit completely custom-designed by Flicha Interiors, Bangalore.

5. Modular Kitchen with Chimney & Lofts

Modular Kitchen in Bangalore

The importance of having a good modular kitchen especially in Indian Homes where cooking is an everyday activity for preparation of literally all the meals of the day including beverages preparation.

A modular kitchen designed by an expert interior designer makes your cooking experience enjoyable and fun. Your designer knows the nuances of modular kitchen requirements & thus will make it tailor-made following the standards, aesthetic appeal as well as your usage.

The kitchen planning is embedded in a golden triangle concept with the three primary work areas of the kitchen, that are most frequently used – the cooktop, the sink & refrigerator forming a triangle allowing you to freely move between them.

A skilled designer will go beyond the golden triangle to make use of the available space to design a comfortable kitchen by demarcating the workspace of the kitchen for different activities of cooking, prepping, cleaning & storage. Sufficient cabinets are created for the storage of groceries, utensils, kitchen tools. Space and electrical points are creating for kitchen appliances placements such as refrigerator space, microwave oven, toaster, dishwasher, mixers & grinders. A tall unit for exotic spice storage, fancy overhead cabinets that act as decor as well as a storage unit.

The important interior units your kitchen shall be fully equipped with – Hob unit, Cutlery Plate Thali Unit, Oil Pull Unit, Spice Pull Unit, Overhead cabinets with standard heights & measurements, Water purifier unit, chimney to clear out the smoke generated while cooking, lofts for additional storage space for rarely used kitchen utensils & tools, etc.

Get your modular kitchen custom designed by an expert interior designer today.

4. Study Unit – Work From Home Essential

Study Unit Interior Design

Much has been spoken about having a study unit at home. This part of the home interior which was earlier a compulsory unit in the kids’ room has turned out to be a boon since the onset of work from home activity.

Revamping study room into the home office to ease work from home. You no longer lack the office infrastructure since you can get a personal office space designed in your home. All you need to do is talk to your interior designer to get a beautiful study, personal office space installed.

You can create a dedicated space for home office or you can revamp your study, library space, install a workspace in the corner of your bedroom, or in a living room separated by a designer partition depending on your choice of workspace placement and the space available in your home.

Ask your interior designer today to equip your home office with essentials with suitable lighting, furniture, a work desk, plenty of space with necessary electrical plug points made to ease the power supply for unperturbed working.

3. TV Unit

Tv Unit Interior Design

Gone are the good old days where TV furniture was just about having a table to place the TV & setup box. An electronic evolution has changed the TV designs from being a bulky huge boxed TV to sleek flat LEDs that are wall-mounted. Change in TV designs has contributed to change in the styling of the TV unit in the living room too.

The living room is the focal point in most homes with TV being a central vista that gives the style statement to the entire home. A well-designed TV unit is crucial to create an elegant, aesthetic, stylish portal to modern & contemporary homes where space is minimal but design possibilities are infinite.

What is the purpose of having a TV Unit when the TV is wall mounted?
It is to give a signature look to your home and complete the ambiance. The TV unit serves the purpose of Decor, Display, Style & Minimal Storage Unit that conceals the clutter such as wires, set up boxes, DVD Player, and other accessories.

TV Unit designs vary from being a wall-mounted, floor-mounted, standalone unit, etc. Depending on the overall theme of home interior planning, design, preferences, requirements, budget, available space, get the best custom-designed TV unit for your home as the most important part of home interiors.

TV unit also serves the purpose of display cabinets in the form of floating shelves and various other design ideas. The wall of the TV unit can be decorated with laminate, modular storage boxes, illuminated display units, adorned with wallpapers, stone cladding, texture painting, and more. Discover endless possibilities for TV unit design & get the best design to your home interiors. Talk to our designers today.

2. Pooja Unit

Pooja Unit

Indian homes are never complete without having a pooja room. Modern apartments may always not provide a dedicated room for pooja. So, ask your interior designer to create a pooja unit which is a better alternative to have a dedicated spiritual & divine corner of a positive home.

Modern Pooja units can fit into any corner of the house or can be mounted on any wall. Make sure the placement of the pooja unit is followed as per Vaastu for the flow of energies inside the home.

You can get a floor-standing pooja unit or wall mounted pooja unit done depending on the availability of space in your home. A floor-standing pooja unit creates a perfect pooja room illusion at home while compact wall-mounted pooja units that is ideal for a small home.

Pooja unit designs can be in the corner, on a wall, in the living room, open unit or a closed unit, a designer unit equipped with jaali, etc. The range of available materials for the pooja unit is numerous from wood, glass, marble & stone depending on the budget, preference, style & so on.

Make sure the pooja unit matches & blends with the home interiors to complete the look.

1. False Ceiling

False Ceiling Designs with Lighting

Home Interiors are incomplete without the fifth wall designed. i.e, the false ceiling. Apart from completing the aesthetics of the fifth wall decor & design thereby enhancing the elegance of home ambiance, the false ceiling serves one more important purpose of light distribution across the house in an aesthetic manner.

Not all the areas of the house can be illuminated through lights that are fixed on the walls. To illuminate the complete area of the home, a false ceiling with decor lights installed is the right choice.

False ceilings can be installed in the living room, dining room, kids bedroom, master bedroom, foyer & pooja room thus perfecting & completing the design of home interiors.

Say bye to boring ceilings. Get false ceilings made that are perfectly suitable to your home with these available options – Gypsum False Ceiling, POP – Plaster of Paris False Ceiling, PVC false ceiling, Wooden False Ceiling.

Different types of false ceiling – single-layered, multi-layered, false ceiling with different shapes – cloud-shaped, rectangle, rounded corners, and more. There are add on accessories available to adore your false ceiling design, CNC cuttings in the desired pattern, colors & interesting texture.

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