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Why We Use Waterproof Plywood in The Kitchen?

Hi, Hello. Welcome to our blog, Flicha Interiors. In this blog, I am going to speak about ‘Why we use waterproof plywood in the kitchen’?

I am Harini Chandrashekar, Director at Flicha Interiors.

The Kitchen

Kitchen is the area of moisture. The steam generated while cooking creates moisture. Also, the dishes washed. We may not wipe them dry and place them in the cabinets. Sometimes, there is a spillage of food, beverages etc. These are unavoidable circumstances in the Kitchen.

The wood absorbs moisture and it will swell, creates a rotten smell and also, the laminates and the edge beading starts to peel because of moisture absorption by the plywood. To avoid all these, we use waterproof plywood for the kitchen and high-glossy laminates.

Another reason for using high-gloss laminates for the kitchen is – If we use soft finish or matt finish, there are chances of the stain retaining on the laminate. If we use high-gloss, it will be easy to wipe it clean.

We use Waterproof plywood from the Brand Century in most of our kitchen designs.

Modular Kitchen Interior Designers in Bangalore
Modular Kitchen Interior Designers in Bangalore

Additional Tips for a Moist Free Kitchen

  1. Do not store vegetables or prepared food inside the closed cabinets.
  2. To avoid rusting of steel baskets, hinges and drawer channels in the kitchen, place silica packets in a bowl and place in the cabinets. This will absorb moisture.
  3. Wipe the dishes dry after washing and place it in the storage cabinets.
  4. Do not store fruits in the closed cabinets.
  5. When there is a spillage of water or liquid foods on the slab or the floor of the kitchen, wipe it immediately before it reaches the cabinets.

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