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 “A man travels the world over in search of what he needs, and returns home to find it.”

A home is not a place for shelter alone, it is an abode of joy & happiness that spreads warmth and comfort. “Home is an emotion.!” Own that emotion for a comfortable life that reflects your style and is aesthetically pleasing with custom-designed home interiors by Fi Interiors, The Best Home Interior Designer in Bangalore.

Fi Interiors, the design expert providing best home interiors since 2014 has successfully completed designing 100+ beautiful homes in Bangalore with great success. Quality is the priority at Fi Interiors. Discover how and why Fi Interiors is the best choice to get your home designed.  

About us.

Providing Custom Designed Home Interiors, Since 2014.

Flicha Interiors founded by Maruthi Naik and Harini Chandrashekar. We are professional home interior designers driven by the passion to provide the best home interiors bringing together quality designs & expert execution to every home. We are Bangalore based interior designer who has designed more than 100 homes and thereby gained the required experience and expertise to understand the nuances of designs to cater to the unique requirements of every home. Striving every moment to achieve excellence in crafting home interiors to perfection by giving attention to details, Flicha Interiors has gained the status of the most trusted interior designer firm in Bangalore.

 Our services

Every home is unique with unique requirements. Interior design is not just about woodwork. It is inclusive of all home interior needs ranging from flooring to ceiling. Hence, we have included all the home interior services under one roof to provide impeccable service with great quality and expert supervision to our busy clients.

We provide complete home interiors to apartments, individual homes, and villas. Our services include design consultation, modular kitchen, modular wardrobes and modular interior units, painting, decor painting, wallpaper installation, flooring, tiles work, masonry, bathroom renovation, balcony designing, false ceiling, electrical service.

We undertake complete home interior renovation, home enhancement service. Call 9845186547 to know more.


Quality is the priority at Fi Interiors since its inception. It is the result of a carefully constructed cultural environment that made us deliver quality home interiors to our clients for 5 years. Quality is always the result of good intention, sincere effort combined with skillful execution that represents the wise choice among many alternatives.

Material transparency is included in our work in progress for our clients to personally monitor the quality of our materials and work in every project we undertake. Our promise of providing quality home interiors is not limited to papers alone. You are allowed to take a look at the materials we use, the expertise of labor, the supervision and execution standards.

We source high-quality raw materials right from plywood, adhesive, laminates, hardware, tiles, electrical supplies, masonry supplies, bathroom accessories to gypsum sheets etc required for home interiors creation and renovation. Every material used in our projects are high quality materials only that has qualified the standard quality assessments. Quality is not just an act, but a habit at Fi Interiors.

HandCraft and Machine Craft

We provide both handcraft and machine craft home interior solutions. In handcraft, the raw materials are sourced to your residence that has to be designed. Both making and installation happens at your location by our skilled artisans and craftsman with complete supervision. We have expert carpenters, painters, masons, electricians, and all others required to complete design execution with perfection by giving attention to details.

In machine craft, once the design requirements are finalized, we source the raw materials to the factory. Making is done at the factory and installation is done in your home that is designed. Quality making and finish is maintained throughout the process. Call us to know more.

Our Specialty

We are experts in material assessment. We know which is the best available material in the market as we have researched over 50 brands, tested their strength, durability, mold-ability, resistance and density etc. We serve you only the best.

Expert labor – We have a team of skilled and expert labor only to execute our home interior projects to perfection who are masters in their skill to deliver nothing but excellence.

Affordable Home Interiors – We have made quality home interiors affordable at Fi Interiors. We provide home interiors suitable for every budget with promised quality.


We deliver projects on time. We hold the record of completing home interior design + execution in 30 days for 2bhk apartment interior, 40 days for 3bhk apartment interior and less than 60 days to complete home interior design of a 5bhk villa.

Rent is high in a city like Bangalore, and a situation where the client has to pay both rent and EMI during home renovation is an expensive activity. We make sure, our clients get to move into their new homes hassle-free as we complete our project on time. Isn’t it good to save on rent?

We follow a strict timeline. Delay is unheard of at Fi Interiors. Our clients can be stress-free because there will be no delay in project completion. All our clients have moved in happily to their new homes because of our commitment to on-time project completion.

Our Team

Our team is our biggest strength who is dedicated and devoted to work. They are the pillars of Fi Interiors who adhere to the principles of our firm in providing quality home interiors service to our clients.

Our team includes expert designers who help us visualize the projects in detail before execution. We have qualified engineers as supervisors who monitor the execution of the designs as per the discussed specifications. We have our suppliers who make sure there is a continuous supply of raw materials to our projects, so there wont be delays in our projects. And we have an expert team of labors, artisans, and craftsmen who craft every space in detailed perfection.

Our Pricing 

Value for money is guaranteed for home interior services availed at Fi Interiors. We provide home interiors suitable for your budget. Your hard-earned money is valued. We want our clients to use their hard-earned money wisely. Don’t drain your money to poor quality products but with great advertising.

Get the best quality home interiors for the best price at Fi Interiors. Talk to us today.

Our Warranty

We provide 10 years warranty to our home interior projects along with 1-year free after-sale service support.


We respect our client requirements to different home interior needs. Each home is unique and different that demands different home interior needs. A family with kids may need a kids room designed to suit requirements such as study table, bookshelf, colorful appealing wardrobes, wall decor that enhances the imagination.

Elderly couples may need a pleasing and calm theme in their home that helps them relax. The joint family will need excess storage units. A professional working from home will need a home with an environment that motivates them to work. An avid reader would want a modern library to accommodate the books.

An enthusiast traveler may need an aesthetically pleasing display wall to showcase the pride of travel experience photos and collectibles. Each individual is unique with unique tastes and requirements. When you cannot play cricket in tennis court, why get home interiors made that doesn’t suit you?

Get customized home interiors by Fi Interiors. Your home reflects your style.   

Complete Home Interior Service

Fi Interiors provides complete home interior service under one roof to ease the process of home renovation to our clients. We don’t want our clients to take trouble in searching different resources to look after other essential services related to home interiors.

We undertake every home interior related service such as masonry work required to partial renovation, bathroom renovation, tiles layering, wall decor and styling, wallpaper installation, false ceiling, electrical fixtures for installing lights based on decor requirements, plumbing services, granite slab installation, safety grillwork, etc.

Bangalore Based Interior Designer 

Bangalore is a home to a quality lifestyle. The city with urban and active lifestyle demands uniqueness in living. Getting home interior designed in Bangalore is challenging in its own terms. You need an expert designer who understands your requirements and provides impeccable quality service on time.

Fi Interiors is the answer to all home interior needs in Bangalore. An established home interior designer with more than 5 years of rich experience who understands the pulse of home interior needs is all you need to get your dream home designed to make your living comfortable.

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Fi Interiors, The Best Home Interior Designer in Bangalore