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How Hiring an Interior Designer Helps You to Save Money?

What Next? After Buying a Home? To get The Home Interiors done.

The Biggest Myth Every Home Buyer who wants to get his Home Interiors done has is “Hiring an Interior Designer is a Costly Affair. I will be made to spend a lot of money to get my home interiors done if I hire a Designer.”

So, the home buyers choose alternatives by hiring a carpenter or the contractor to get the home interiors done. Because they believe an Interior Designer doesn’t provide Home Interiors in Budget. However, that is not true. Indeed, A Professional Interior Designer helps you to save money while getting the home interiors done. It is possible to get the Best Home Interiors Designed in Budget If you hire a Designer.



You need a successful plan to get the Home Interiors done, which includes planning for the design, budget, space utilization, material procurement, labor management, material supply management, timeline, work process and techniques, resource management, supervision, etc. And an alternative plan to handle real-time challenges during work in progress. Planning must be realistic to be efficient. Planning is an important and basic essential before getting home interiors. If you are trying to get your home interiors designed yourself with the help of a few carpenters and labor force, It is quite challenging to plan efficiently. Not that it is impossible to do it. But simply, an expert is better at doing it.

An Interior Designer helps you with proper planning and save you not just time and effort, but unnecessary expenses that might be incurred due to imperfect planning. As the saying goes – Proper planning and preparation prevent poor performance. With his expertise, your interior designer can plan more efficiently to get your home interiors designed. He will plan to balance out a lot of things to fit the best interiors in your budget.

Material Recommendation

In an era of abundance of materials, you should be a genius to pick the best from the rest. Also, there is a huge list of materials you will have to procure for getting the home interiors done. Let me explain with the essentials of modular kitchen material requirements. You will need to procure waterproof plywood, waterproof laminates or acrylics, right adhesive, proper hinges, perfect handles, glass if there is a need, steel accessories or PVC accessories, SS Baskets, Wicker Baskets, Tandem Boxes, Granite slab, tiles, taps and pipes, gas connection pipes, Drawer channels, sink, hob, chimney, and the list doesn’t end here. There will be unexplained needs for different other materials.

There are hundreds and thousands of brands for each of them. Not just brands, different grades define a lot about the quality and durability of each material. Also, each material will be priced differently. You certainly need a lot of time to research to find out about the materials and decide what suits your home interior needs and what fits your budget. You will end up spending more in the process.

Your Home Interior Designer will recommend the best of the material considering the price, quality, design, available space, and also the user experience from his previous projects. He will have his supply chain designed to meet every project material need and will make sure it is supplied on time. He will know the exact amount of materials needed thereby avoiding wastage of materials, avoid spending on transportation of materials in case of improper calculation and shortages, etc. And this helps you save a lot of money, effort and time.


Quality Assessment


Material procurement is one thing, assessing quality is another. It comes from experience and usage. For a starter, they wouldn’t even know what factors to look for to assess the quality.

The material of low quality is certain to gift troubles forever. It will need a lot of maintenance, timely fixing, repairs, and replacement often. You might select a material based on its appearance and feel it is of good quality. But looks are not the only thing.

For example, when you are selecting plywood, there are factors such as density, strength, durability, voids, weight, the number of layers, time is taken to seasoning, screw holding capacity, adhesive properties, etc that has to be considered to assess the quality and select the best. Again there are various brands and various types of plywood manufacturing. All of these factors make it difficult to assess quality.

It takes an expert to assess the quality and choose the best. Bad quality materials used costs dearly. Avoid the risk of choosing bad quality materials and thereby save costs. You might end up paying more for the bad quality material. Your Interior Designer will have sufficient knowledge about the materials and quality and he procures the best of them to provide quality service. He would have perfected his quality management and gives you the best.




The next biggest step in home interiors is procuring skilled labor team. There are many laborers in the market. You might have a grander plan, you would have collected quality materials also, you would have thousands of designs downloaded to execute, you will dream of getting the right designs executed to perfection. But it will be a total waste of time, effort, and resources if the people executing them produce something different altogether.

Every project needs skilled laborers for various purposes – carpenters, tile layers, electricians, plumbers, masons, false ceiling experts, painters, decorators for various theme decor, etc. But it is difficult for any layman, especially persons who are trying to get the home interiors done for the first time to qualify and to assess the expertise and the finishing without actually having worked with them.

A good home interior designer always has a fixed team of laborers and contractors who he has worked within his previous projects. He also will have access to the best of the available artisans and craftsmen required for the job. Hence, a good interior designer can save money in avoiding bad labor work. You are not just hiring an interior designer when you hire him to get your home interiors made. You are hiring his entire team without any difficulties.


Once the home interior designing starts, the project needs constant monitoring and management. A person with a trained eye to handle the work in progress smoothly is required. That person needs to understand the plan of designs, should be able to manage the team and resources, should handle challenges if anything arrives during work in progress, should make sure the labor supply works productively. He should also ensure total quality management i.e, he should get the job done perfectly the first time and thereby avoid re-works.

Untrained supervision leads to errors and re-works, which again results in collective wastage of resources such as material, time, and effort. A supervisor is a qualified person for project management. He is the person who will take the responsibility of achieving greater productivity and efficiency. Hence, saves a lot of money that might otherwise get wasted.

When you are busy with your profession, how can you afford the time to monitor the home interior designing project from start to end. You might be a software engineer, a marketing professional, a banker, a teacher, a doctor, etc. Even if you can find the time, you still don’t carry enough experience to supervise the project.

Hence, hiring a professional interior designer saves a lot of money because he will have a team of supervisors trained to monitor your home interior designing.


A Home Interior Project is best when executed in the proper timeline. There shall be no delays, no reworks, no absenteeism. There should be no pause in the work in progress. Usually, a 2BHK Home Interior Designing should take 30-40 working days to be completed.

If the project cannot be completed within that time, there will be losses.

The cost of the project will be more than the value received. The cost of living in Bangalore is a known fact with the city’s high skyrocketing Rent rates. Added to this, the new homeowners will have EMI of the newly purchased property to pay. Rent + EMI or Loss of Rent in some cases when you are trying to rent your property. A delay of a month means loss of income from rent for a month.

It requires some experience to get the Designing Execution completed within time. Also, you shall have the resources to complete the project on time to avoid the burden of Rent + EMI. There will be unexpected delays. It may be a late supply of materials, inefficient labor management, not so perfect supervision during work in progress.

Your Interior Designer will have years of experience and a properly designed supply chain to complete the Home Interior Designing in the strict timeline mentioned. Thus saving you from the burden of Rent + EMI or in some cases loss of rent when you are a homeowner who rents out your property for income.


The most important factor required in selecting someone for the job. Trust is a good business practice. Interior Design is a business of trust. Sometimes you don’t know who you can and cannot trust.

There are incidents where laborers have taken advance payment and fled. It is easier for them to switch off their phones and flee. In some cases, few carpenters have also taken money for the materials with a promise to get the raw materials at a better price for you and not returned. Don’t get cheated and lose your hard-earned money by trusting people who are not credible.

An established Interior Designer is a credible source. He will have a proper license issued by the government. His address will be registered. He will have his KYC to provide. Most importantly he will have a Brand that you can Trust. Make sure you do your research on your service provider before finalizing and avoid losses and avoid getting cheated.

Hire an Established Interior Designer to save money.

Does Flicha Interiors Provide Home Interior Designing Service that Fits Your Budget?

Yes. Flicha Interiors has succeeded in providing Quality Home Interiors in Suitable Budget since establishment. We believe in providing Value for Money. Don’t let your hard-earned money to be spent on something that doesn’t have quality. You deserve quality service.

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